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WordPress speed optimization is what we do best! We specialize in optimizing WordPress sites to load at near light speed. Get your WordPress sites loading time to under 3 seconds today. Our WordPress speed up service will make sure your site is optimized to the max for speed. The faster your site loads, the more Google will like it. Discover how our services can improve your website, increase conversion & reduce bounce rates today

Website optimization scheme


Does the site need speed?

  • Submit a request while using a simple form. Enter the website address and phone number or mail - we will respond within 24 hours
  • We’ll provide a free website audit and we’ll inform you on the plan and the approximate optimization cost. Let's talk about the website issues, solving ways and effect expected.
  • We’ll agree the setting up and optimization plan as well as we’ll determine the final cost. We’ll provide WordPress configuration and minor bugs fixing.
  • We work on 50% prepayment basis. Besides we offer a phased payment the volume is large and the plan contains a lot of tasks.
  • Login and password from the WordPress administration panel and FTP access are required to work. We don’t transfer data to third parties since we take care of security.
  • We’ll optimize and customize the website in accordance with the items agreed in work plan. Then we’ll provide the structured report on the tasks successfully completed with each item explanation
  • The work terminates at the moment you make a decision the website is ready as well as the bugs are eliminated. Inform us if you still have additional wishes after the work completion.


The optimization cost is calculated individually. The complexity depends on the pages number and website sections, graphics, page layout quality and other factors. The exact price is determined after the website audit.

Fill out the simple form and submit a request for free website audit. We’ll send a plan and work cost within 24 hours.

Complex website configuration and optimization

  • Core optimization work is the basis for effective WordPress website acceleration. The engine is adapted to the average website work by default. But the website performance and speed will significantly increase if optimizing the engine for the particular website needs.

    Large portals and even online stores with a huge range are established in WordPress engine despite it is intended for blogs. The website type directly depends on the functionality which will be used more than others. It is worthwhile to optimize and customize some core aspects in online store and to do the same with others in blog.
  • The most websites database contain unnecessary copies, spam, temporary settings, removed plug-ins and modules data, as well as a lot of unnecessary information which causes operation speed decrease. The requests processing speed will increase, and the website will work faster if optimizing the database and removing unnecessary records.

    Once we met the situation when large portal had a lot of unnecessary records which resulted in slow pages processing by the server. The pages started to load 7 times faster after optimization and cleaning. The current example clearly indicates the database optimization importance.
  • WordPress engine is created the way several files with the styles are connected while loading pages. Downloading a lot of files to each page template slows down the website speed. That’s why it is recommended to combine the styles into one file and remove unnecessary comments from it in order to speed up the loading.

    Page layout is a rather complex process. Often, the layout developers need to use various tricks and complex code, which slows down the pages loading when the goal is to reach the ideal website display in all browsers. We optimize CSS while removing unnecessary line and maintaining the website in all browsers versions.
  • Even experienced layout developers make mistakes in the code. WordPress templates can contain extra HTML code lines: comments and others. There is an opportunity to reduce the page volume by 10% and speed up the download having cleared the excess.

    Layout developers often use comments at the website templates development stages which help to correctly interpret elements and tags after a long time. In case if the template is no longer being modified, the comments mentioned above will be useless. We always clean the layouts from comments and other unnecessary elements, hereby significantly reducing the page weight.
  • The graphics takes a huge page weight. We optimize both the template and each individual page graphics. Rather often graphics optimization speeds up the download several times since the images are the most heavy-weight website elements. The website will look the same while being faster since we reduce the images weight without damaging the quality.

    High qualitaty and beautiful graphics is a pledge of an attractive modern websites look. Often, we meet the situation when developers consider the website appearance only while forgetting about such side effects as download speed reduce. We are able to optimize the graphics the way to increase identical images loading speed.
  • Repeated access to the same CSS or JS-file, call for non-existent images and broken scripts or outdated libraries use also slow the website page loading. The browser processes the running code more slowly if meeting the errors. We remove errors, clean the code and speed up WordPress work.

    The issue with most errors in HTML, CSS, and JS is they just slow down the page loading instead of clocking. Therefore, they are difficult to identify since everything works fine once the page loads. Experience shows the errors occur on 9 websites out of 10 and their elimination significantly speeds up the download.
  • Caching is a great acceleration method. However, lots of people believe it is enough to enable the caching plugin in order to speed up the website. This is wrong since it’s required to consider a lot of variables: coherence, efficiency, method strategy and caching types. We customize caching individually while considering each individual website characteristics the way to achieve effective tool operation.

    Lots of modern paid plugins promise to speed up the website while using caching by turning on the plug-in in the administrative panel, but this is wrong. This is a complex process which requires careful configuration - do not be mistaken and think everyone has an opportunity to independently configure the caching. We have extensive experience in customizing caching for websites variety, we know the effective way it should work while talking about blogs as well as large online stores examples.

Speed is a key website parameter

  • Google quality control department has proven people are quickly leaving slow websites even including online stores with low prices. The operation speed is the most important criterion for the website evaluating by both search engines and users. Read the current article to learn more about the study.
  • Steve Suders in own article both talks about the pretty obvious fast websites advantages and proves such websites are cheaper to maintain.
  • Google and other search engines have long been not limited to keywords while ranking the website in the issuance. The current article describes the way the stable and fast website operation helps to join the top lines by competitive inquiries.
  • The website download speed is specified to be a ranking factor in "Yandex" and Google developers documentation. This is explained by the fact high websites speed is extremely important for the users convenience.
  • Internet website verification services are becoming popular since web developers are increasingly concerned with the loading pages speed. The current article describes six convenient tools, their advantages and distinctive features.
I did not convince you? More arguments...

More arguments

The documents and articles listed belong to authoritative sources – search engines which are familiar with the website importance for successful promotion. This is also indicated by a huge number of websites speed checking services.

Aberdeen Group, a large consulting firm, has conducted a revealing research. The company was engaged in learning online store download time increase for 1 second only. Here are the results:

  • Page views decreased by 11%;
  • Customer satisfaction decreased by 16%;
  • Conversion decreased by 7%.

The company has conducted one more research, which confirmed 40% of visitors leave the website without waiting for the download after 3 seconds of waiting. Think yourself how much effect can be the website acceleration for a couple of seconds. A fast website means high search positions, high conversion rates and more sales, as a result.

Important setting up and optimization information

  • We don’t touch WordPress engine and template while setting up and optimizing the website which provides the opportunity to easily update them to the latest versions.
  • Plug-ins installation and configuration is the basis of WordPress website acceleration and optimization. Plugins are stored in the database and configuration
  • We’ll both install plug-ins and provide a list with detailed principles descriptions. You’ll be able to independently manage the website while avoiding errors and malfunctions in case of knowing the plug-ins purpose and features.
  • The main work plan does not include server setup and template code validation errors correction. We provide these works within additional order.


Websites make many, but narrow specialization professionals in IT-sphere are always appreciated. We are engaged in WordPress websites promotion and are familiar with all features.

We optimize and configure WordPress websites while reducing download time. It’s nice to learn quick websites which means you’ll get more customers while avoiding the serious costs for design or marketing campaign.

Often people do not suspect what is the issue if the website is left by the visitors. But the website speed is a key important aspect we improve. Check the website speed and order free audit right now.

The speed of your site:
- 90 from 100 - 90 from 100
After optimization will be 90 from 100